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The Bounder’s Bounty Developer Diary


The Bounder’s Bounty Developer Diary
By Aubergine

Well, hello there! Aubergine here, and as the good hobbits have had me quite busy in helping them set up their fundraising campaign, thought I’d take the time to share some of the details with you.
The Bounder’s Bounty will run until the release of Helm’s Deep.  Unlike a more traditional festival, you participate by simply by logging in and playing LOTRO just as you normally do. You’ll just need to include some occasional trips to Michel Delving.

 As you are out questing and defeating mobs, you will find that Bags of Bounder’s Tokens will drop periodically.  You can also obtain Bags of Bounder’s Tokens from festival quests, Hobbit Presents and Locked Loot Boxes.
When you first open a Bag of Bounder’s Tokens, you will be directed to see Meg Proudfoot, the Bounder’s Token Collector, who’s standing by the statue in Michel Delving center.  She’ll be collecting all of your donations of Bounder’s Tokens throughout the event.  She accepts donations in stacks of 50 tokens at a time.
Near Meg are two Bounder vendors, the Bounder’s Token Rewards Vendor and the Bounder’s Bounty Vendor.  The Bounder’s Token Rewards Vendor is your personal vendor. When you as an individual donate tokens, you will advance deeds which in turn unlock access to rewards.

The Bounder’s Bounty Vendor, on the other hand, is unlocked only when the server as a whole reaches the Bounder’s fund-raising goals.  You can always check on your server’s progress by mousing over the statue.   Current server collection numbers will be displayed there.

When this goal is completed, all persons on the server will gain the Bounder’s Boon!  This buff will persist until the launch of Helm’s Deep.  

Once the Bounder’s fundraising goals is met, the Bounder’s Bounty Vendor will unlock for all players on the server.  This vendor includes a new premium War-steed and mount bundle. A Hobbit-themed Steed of Michel Delving! You’ll find other great items including  a Tarnished Symbol of Celebrimbor Package, and other select store items. In addition, all items sold by the Bounder’s Token Rewards Vendor are also sold by the Bounder’s Bounty Vendor, but at discounted prices.

When the Bounder’s fundraising goals are completed in full, the Bounders will also take some of the proceeds to upgrade the statue in Michel Delving.  This will stand for years to come as a commemoration of your accomplishment and as a testament to the Bounders’ resolve. The statue will be under construction for some amount of time in the future, but when it completes you’ll find that it will display in perpetuity all those who worked hardest at helping the Bounders with their endeavor.
The Bounders thank you for your aid! All of us hope that this provides you all with an additional fun goal to add to your normal play experience and brings servers together to unlock their Bounder’s Bounty vendor.  Which server will be first?



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