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Changing Your Race, Gender, or Origin in LOTRO

By Cordovan


Changing Your Race, Gender, or Origin in LOTRO

The LOTRO Store offers a Character Race Change item which can be used to change your character's race, gender, or origin! Here's how:

1. Log into the server where you plan to undergo the change.

For the guide, we have created a dwarf named ChangeGuide. Say hello:

2. Open the LOTRO Store and purchase the Character Race Change.

3. Open your inventory and interact with the Character Race Change Token.


4. Log out to Character Select.

Please wait for the character to completely log out and return to the Character Select Screen.

5. When ready, use your Race Change Token by selecting the character you wish to change, then pressing the Change Race button.

You can see how many Tokens you have available when you hover your pointer over the Change Race button.

6. Make your choices.

You can change your race to any choice available to your class. You can only select races that align with your class.

You can also change your Gender or Origin (when available).

You can select any of the character customization options you wish:

7. When you press Apply Change you will log into the game with your new character.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your character must be at least level 10 in order to use a Character Race Change Token.

  • Your character can only change into a race that is compatible with your class selection. It is not possible to change your class selection using the Character Race Change item.

  • You cannot change Origin without also changing race or gender, and you will not receive a new Heritage Title.

  • Beornings are not able to change their race. They can, however, change their Gender using the Character Race Change item.

  • Once purchased and consumed from inventory, the Character Race Change item can be used by any of your characters on the server where you purchased the item. You do not have to buy the item on the character you want to have undergo the change.

  • The Character Race Change item is only usable on the server where you purchased the item.

  • Race Traits that you earned for the old race will no longer be available, and Race Traits for the new Race will need to be earned from scratch. Your character will retain ‘knowledge’ of the old Race Traits, so they will be available should you choose to change back to the old Race.

  • Racial Passive Skill Characteristics will be swapped out for those granted by your new race, with the exception of the dwarf Racial Passive ‘One-handed axes weapon proficiency’. This will be retained to prevent accidental disarming.

  • If your character changes between a short and a tall race, all of your mount skills will switch between the pony and horse versions. Some steed skills and steeds will have their name changed, and some mounts have different default names. Any rename applied to a mount will not carry over to the different version, although the name will be retained in the future should you choose to change back to your earlier race.

  • There is no option to change your character name during this race change process.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy this new option!




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