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The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 183

By Cordovan


Community Spotlights

The results are in for D&CoduMilieu's latest housing contest! Get the results on their web site.

Heribert the Hobbit is creating an Ered Luin walkthrough series! Find the videos on the LOTRO Forums.

Mithrandir's Cohorts are hosting a housing competition called Harvest Haunts on November 24th on Brandywine! Read more about the competition and social gathering on their web site.

To nominate something for a Community Spotlight, email contact@standingstonegames.com
with the subject line "COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT"

Kin Hall

This section of the LOTRO Beacon exists to help you find people to join your kinship! Let us know what server your kinship is on and a bit about you to get featured in this section.

Email lotro@standingstonegames.com with the subject line "KIN HALL" to get your Kin featured

What would be the job of a theoretical wizard with the name _____ the Smaragdine?

Comment on the LOTRO Forums here and you could win LOTRO Points!

Fansite News

LOTRO Players News dances with goblins! Find their newest show on LOTROplayers.com.

D&CoduMilieu have updated their ambient music page! Listen to ambient music on their web site.

The bliog A Smallpiece of LOTRO has created a roundup of Halloween concert screenshots! See them on the blog.

LOTROstream is your first stop to find LOTRO on Twitch! This week, Ooger prepares for war, Big Ed Mustafa kicks off the weekend, and The Tolkien Professor delves into lore!

Also on Twitch, Nelnardis streams from Laurelin, BeckBooBah fights on horseback, and xEllite creates a burglar!

Over on YouTube, Louey7 explains why the Legendary Worlds are fun, The Andune Ensemble perform on Landroval, and Gamerpenny heads to the mountains!

Let's Talk Shop!

  • This week, our Executive Producer Severlin answered some of your questions on Twitch! Watch the video on LOTROstream.
  • Update 28.1.3 has been released! Find the release notes on LOTRO.com.
  • Cordovan raises money for Extra Life during our Game Day! Watch the video on Twitch.

Screenshot of the Week!

Jose reminds everyone the consequences of making trees angry in Middle-earth in this week's Screenshot of the Week! Send in your screenshot by emailing it to lotro@standingstonegames.com.

In the News!

  • The Harvestmath Festival continues through November 30th!
  • Prepare for Battle! Get 25% off:
    • Stat Tomes
    • Regeneration Food
    • Run Speed Boost
    • Attack Damage Boost
    • Now through November 27th!
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you a free Tome of Defence (90 minutes) with the Coupon Code 90MINDEFENCE, now through November 27th!


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