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The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 93

By OliveYew


Community Spotlights

Click here to see the newest outfit Forochel herder from Wandering Around Arda and find out how to get the look!

Click here to watch the 5th annual Taking the Hobbit to Isengard stream, including concerts by the DHS and Notenzauber and hosted by Druidsfire!

On Saturday, January 12th there will be a Grand Opening of The Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library on Laurelin! Click here for location and more information.

Click here to watch the Breakfast Club performance from January 5th on Landroval!

Polnolunie has created a new music video entitled Take My Heart! Click here to watch it.

To nominate something for a Community Spotlight, email LOTRO@standingstonegames.com
with the subject line "COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT"

Kin Hall

Late for Elevenses is a small community of hobbit role-players, crafters, and all-around friendly folk that call Laurelin home. They welcome fellow hobbit lads and lasses of all levels and classes. Anyone interested may contact Webelo or Wilfras in-game!

Email LOTRO@standingstonegames.com with the subject line "KIN HALL" to get your Kin featured

What has been your most favorite part of Yule this year?

Comment on the LOTRO Forums here and you could win LOTRO Points!

Fansite News

Click here to watch Ooger's Epic Adventure's on Brandywine!

Click here to listen to LOTRO Players News Episode 287: Be a Bear or Be Invisible!

Click here to watch Authally Good Company with Mooshui!

Click here to watch Part 149 of GameolioDan's Let's Play Series!

Click here to watch Mythgard in Middle-earth with the Tolkien Professor!

Click here to watch Flights of Fancy with Wayward Plane!

Click here to watch Louey7  Return to Garth Agarwen & Questing!

Click here to watch The Road Goes Ever On with Gravidy!

Click here to watch A Bard, Bagpipes, and Battles with Doug Glendower!

In the News!

  • Click here to watch the newest +Cord of the Rings!
  • Click here to watch Cordovan celebrate Tolkien's Birthday on Laurelin!

Screenshot of the Week!

Thavie posted this week's screenshot of the week!

Let's Talk Shop!

  • Make your piece of Middle-earth Shine! Get 25% off now through January 17th:
    • Select Housing Decorations
    • Select Housing Sets
    • Housing Property Writs
    • Select Cloaks
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you a Tome of Tracking x1 with coupon TRACKTOME now through January 17th!


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