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Valar: Getting into Minas Morgul

by SSGRedPanda


Hello everyone!

I'm still (fairly) new to the Lord of the Rings Online team, and as I haven't yet put together a dev diary, I thought now might be a good time for one.

The Valar items are intended to be the "start at this point in the story" items, although historically some of them have required you to go back and do certain things. As we worked on our new Valar item with Minas Morgul, it gave us an opportunity to see what worked in the past and what could be improved.

Let’s breakdown what’s in the Valar Level Boost - 120:

Level Boost to 120

Um…yes? I think this self-explanatory.

Trait points - 90 class trait points

Trait points are important to your character’s ability to defeat monsters. They also provide choices for you to develop your character how you want. Some of the previous incarnations of the Valar did not grant all the trait points appropriate for that level, due to an issue during their development. When they were originally designed, giving you the trait points would also prevent you from doing some of the quests that would grant them. We’ve made some changes so you can now have these trait points without losing access to those quests, should you want to go back and experience them. Your class deeds and promotion point deeds will be completed.

Virtue XP

There’s enough Virtue XP here to take 5 of your virtues to level 60, or spread out a bit as you see fit. Since the rework we can now let you pick and choose which virtues you feel like work best for your character when active.


You will get 4 maps: Rivendell, Sutcrofts, Eastfold, Wastes. These are mostly for those who wanted to run back and get a vocation started, or wanted to go back to do that one thing in that area.

Adventuring items

  • 25 Dale-man Cram
  • 10 Minor Morale Potions
  • 10 Minor Power Potions
  • 25 Mithril Coins
  • 5 Piles of Silver Scraps
  • Universal Toolkit

A bundle of items that you’ll find helpful.


  • Armour and Jewellery appropriate for your level
  • Imbued Legendary Items
  • 3 Imbued Legacy replacement scrolls

With the Imbuement system in place now, many players want a reasonable Imbued Legendary Item to complete content. We know that not all the pre-selected Legacies will be the ones that you want, so we’re including a few Imbued Legacy Replacement scrolls for you to use.

Steeds and Warsteeds

  • Steed of the Citadel
  • War-steed
  • Basic Riding Skill

These of course, are necessary for traversing Middle-earth.

We hope that this item gets you into Minas Morgul quickly and ready for adventure.


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