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Your New Legendary Items Explained!

By Cordovan


Your New Legendary Items Explained!



The Legendary Item system is getting a big update in time for the release of Fate of Gundabad, and we're here to tell you more about how it works and how to get started!


How do I get a Legendary Item or Weapon?


You will receive your first Legendary Weapon and Item around level 50 when you run through the Mines of Moria; alternatively, you can purchase Legendary Items with Ancient Script that you will receive throughout the game. Find Gobeth Teithian, The Archive of Traceries in The Last Homely House, to the left as you enter the building, on the second floor. The Archive is also where you can barter for Traceries and acquire higher rarity Traceries in exchange for Cracked and Shattered Traceries. You must have completed the quest Chapter 13: The Watcher in the Water in order to access The Archive.


(Note: These User Interface images are a work in progress and do not represent the final UI, just the UI as currently exists on Bullroarer. These images will be replaced in the near future.)




Once you have your Legendary item, you place Traceries into the item to increase its power. Drag the Legendary Item to the Socketed Equipment icon on your Character panel, located under your boots equipment slot, to get started. You will see various slots falling into four categories that you can place your Traceries into:

  • Heraldric Tracery: This Tracery slot includes stat buffs along with the damage type of your weapons. Only one Heraldric Tracery can be slotted per item. (NOTE: Heraldric Traceries appear in the UI once the item has been initially Reforged.)

  • Word of Power: These are specialized Traceries meant to fill various roles with your weapons and items, including damage and healing types like area of effect, single target, and healing/damage over time. These Traceries are also where you will get Avoidance, Incoming Damage reduction, Morale Increase, Induction speed, and more. Two Word of Power Traceries can be slotted per weapon, and three per class item (except for the Hunter’s Bow and Warden’s Javelin, which are slotted as class items rather than weapons).

  • Word of Mastery: These Traceries are similar to the Legacies from the prior Legendary Item system, and provide various benefits of specific value to your class. You will unlock additional Words of Mastery Tracery slots over time, up to a current cap of six Words of Mastery Traceries.

  • Word of Craft: These are general single stat increases that also provide various Set Bonuses. Over time players will be able to slot up to three Word of Craft Traceries.



Once you slot a Tracery into your Legendary Item or Weapon you can then apply Enhancement Runes to any of your Traceries to increase their level. Traceries and Enhancement Runes have a minimum and maximum level of usage, so you will apply these Runes to your Traceries to level them up and then eventually replace your Traceries with higher level Traceries. The primary bonuses of a Tracery increase with its rarity, while the secondary stat bonuses increase with its level. Additionally, rarer Traceries of the same type offer higher benefits than their more common counterparts. You can see the rarity of a Tracery by looking at the color of its icon:


Uncommon: Yellow

Rare: Purple

Incomparable: Teal

Legendary: Gold


Word of Power Traceries have their own coloration indicating the kind of benefit they provide:


Red: Offense

Green: Healing

Blue: Defense

Orange: General and Support


You place a Tracery into a slot by dragging the Tracery into the slot. Placing a Tracery into a slot that already contains a Tracery will overwrite the currently-slotted Tracery, although you can unslot your slotted Traceries using Mithril to return them to your inventory if you wish. Additionally, you can Unslot All Traceries using Mithril.


Character Level           Reforged Item Level
45 52
56 60
61 65
66 70
71 75
76 100
81 129
86 155
91 175
96 190
100 200
101 215
105 250
106 315
111 349
116 365
120 399
121 415
126 449



  • Words of Power and Words of Mastery are unique, you cannot have two copies of the same word slotted into an item, or equipped to your character at the same time.

  • You will begin your Legendary Item journey by slotting in Traceries and applying Enhancement Runes AT YOUR CHARACTER LEVEL. You will continue to level up your items by Reforging them, but there is no longer a need to run older content in order to level up your Legendary Items.Ancient Script is Bound to Account will go into your Barter Wallet if you have one. Ancient Script has a cap of 10,000; if you end up reaching or exceeding the cap you will not be able to acquire more Ancient Script until you have spent below the cap.

  • Level 121-130 Traceries are the only Traceries that can be leveled up beyond the typical level range. Level 121-130 Traceries can be leveled up to 140.



Cracked Traceries and Shattered Traceries


These ingredients can be bartered with the Legendary Weapons and Items NPC in The Archive to acquire Incomparable and Legendary Traceries at various level ranges. You will earn these Cracked or Shattered Traceries generally by running higher level end game content. Shattered Traceries will allow you to barter for Incomparable Traceries, while Cracked Traceries allow you to barter for Legendary Traceries.



What about my old Legendary Items?


After Update 30.3 is released, you will see a button in your old Legendary Item panel. Pressing the button will scan your Legendary Item, calculate the number of ingredients you should receive, then grant you an amount of Ancient Script intended to get your new Legendary Item into a relatively equivalent power level to your existing Legendary Item. We also intend to offer conversion of some of the more valuable old Legendary Item ingredients that players have acquired over the years, and we will provide more information about that conversion in the future.


You will continue to be able to equip your existing old Legendary Items, although it is not possible to equip an old and new Legendary Item/Weapon at the same time. Additionally, updating your old Legendary Items will not be possible once Update 30.3 is live on October 13th, 2021. Old Legendary Items will not be able to be Reforged once the new Legendary Items are available in-game upon the release of Update 30.3 on October 13th, 2021. We expect the new system to eventually fully replace the old Legendary Item system.


We are excited to see what players are able to do with their new Legendary Weapons and Items, and we look forward to hearing from you. Have fun!



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