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Introducing: The Brawler!

By Cordovan





Introducing: The Brawler!





The Brawler is a melee class inspired by the tale of Helm Hammerhand, who fought bare-handed at one of the greatest sieges of Helm’s Deep and was known for his ferocity in battle. Brawlers forgo weapons in favor of Battle-gauntlets and heavy armor, hurling themselves into battle to the benefit of friend and devastation of foe. The main focus for Brawlers is damage, off-tanking, and support. Any race in Middle-earth can be a Brawler, except for Beornings, which are their own race and class combination.



About Mettle


Mettle is the combat resource your Brawler taps to increase the power of your attacks and unlock your Brawler's most powerful abilities. All Brawlers have a passive ability called "Combat Flow", which increases the damage done by your skills for each point of Mettle you have.



About Battle-gauntlets


Instead of the traditional weapons of combat, your Brawler wields Battle-gauntlets and defeats enemies with punches, slams, kicks, thrown items, and more! Only Brawlers can wear Battle-gauntlets, and these items will appear throughout the game world as you level. Battle-gauntlets are considered two-handed weapons.



Brawler Traits


Brawlers have two Trait trees to Specialize in, along with a third general tree to provide additional flexibility and benefits.


The Fulcrum (blue):

The Fulcrum focuses on defense and debuffs and offers ways to increase your Vitality, lower your enemies' attack speed, buff your Critical Rating, and more.

Skill name examples: Brash Invitation (ranged taunt), Bracing Guard (incoming healing buff), and Gut Punch (damage debuff)


The Maelstrom (red):

The Maelstrom focuses on the chaos of battle to increase damage dealt and more. This offense-focused Trait tree increases your Critical Chance, Set-up Skill Damage, Might, and acquisition of Mettle.

Skill name examples: Revel in Victory (gain Mettle), Joy of Battle (increased damage), Fist of the Valar (bonus damage), Battle Fury (duration-based damage buff)


The Fundament (yellow):

The Fundament is not a Trait tree that can be Specialized into; rather, this tree offers benefits that complement both The Fulcrum and The Maelstrom. Spending points into The Fundament offers benefits such as increased Mettle generation, enemy debuffs, and hitting more targets with your area of effect skills.

Skill name examples: Battle-Wise (Mettle), Strike as One! (damage boost to Fellowship), Lasting Weakness (Vulnerability), Trail Food (bonus from food).



The Brawler will be available to play with the release of Update 30.3 on October 13th! Anyone who has purchased Fate of Gundabad will be able to play a Brawler starting on October 13th. Additionally, the Brawler will be available in the LOTRO Store for points in May of 2022.

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